Whiskey Lovers

Whiskey cabinet and mini Bar | Red wooden liquor cabinets | Whiskey, scotch, rye display
Mini bar | Murphy bar | Top shelf whiskey, scotch, rye | Home bar
Upcycled ammunition box | Original hardware | Hand stained | Eco friendly

Collection pieces offered in
limited editions

Find an amazing home bar design for your favorite whiske­­y, scotch and bourbon bottles! We put the same passion into our handmade art as the distilleries do with their nectar! We can mix and match our mini bars and whiskey cabinets to fit with your unique decor. One of the best whiskey lover gifts!

Industrial style | Kitchen decor | Whiskey bar | Mini bar | Home entertaining
Murphy bar | Wood mini bar | Vintage style
Authentic ammunition boxes | Original stamp | Hand stained

A Unique Conversation Piece

Orange Murphy bar | Wood mini bar | Whiskey display | Housewarming gift
Authentic ammunition box | Original hardware | Hand stained | Eco friendly mini bar
Single malt scotch whiskey | Bourbon whiskey | 10 year aged scotch whisky

Man Cave Decor

Whiskey bar | Wood Murphy bar | Top shelf whiskey service | Whiskey lovers gift
Whiskey cabinets | Whiskey displays | Whiskey, scotch, rye, bourbon | Man cave decor | Industrial style
Eco friendly furniture | Red and white pine | Vintage ammunition boxes
Red mini bar | Wood liquor cabinet | Top shelf whiskey, rye, bourbon, scotch
Authentic ammunition box | Original stamp | Hand stained | Eco friendly mini bar
Boites de la Paix brings spirit to happy hour

REmade in Canada

Antique wood whisky cabinet | Red whisky cabinet | Whisky lovers gift