Thinking outside
the Boxes!

Infuenced by the ready-made and Marcel Duchamp, the minimalist art, as well as the Arte povera , Boîtes de la paix (Peace Boxes) falls within the upcycling contemporary design movement.

These US Army Howitzer cartridge boxes from the Vietnam war era - 60-70s - made from red and white pine, with original ropes, hinges and clasps were discarded after use. Millions were burned or buried over the decades. In the early 2000, the boxes were still around. Today, it's an enormous challenge to find good quantities. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack!

From 2000 to 2010, Boîtes de la paix had a great artistic and commercial success in North America and in Europe and became part of museums collections at The Peace Museum in Chicago and at The Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. The two designers - multidisciplinary artists Bruno Chouinard and Anne Lapierre - had also exhibited artistic installations, land art in situ and art video works in Canada, USA and Germany.

In 2018, after focusing for the past seven years on different artistic fields such as cinema and theater, they’re back in the design industry with their unbeatable wine rack and mini bar. After hundreds of hours of searching the web, they found more of their precious raw material in the deep Heart of the United States. The two creators flew from Montreal to the States and brought back a full truckload of ammunition boxes picked in four different states. So here they are, ready again to give a new soul to these magnificient pieces of wood.

Detourned from their military past, the boxes now carry a significant artistic gesture for peace. Their symbolic aspect is as important as their esthetic and functionality. Playing with their verticality and horizontality, the ammunition boxes become smart design objects. The Wine Rack can either stand on the floor or be mounted a wall. The Mini Bar is a piece of art on the wall and turns into a functional service counter as it opens up. They don't take much space and they instantly become a conversation piece.

When the planet's natural ressources are being exploited, as forests are being razed, it's time to make responsible consumer choices. We are very happy to provide such an option.

Our BOITES DE LA PAIX are dedicated to life and its pleasures.