The Latest Stylish Designs for 2018 from IDS Toronto

Link to the original article by Vera Dordick

Selected excerpts:

As one of the first design shows of the year, IDS Toronto is eagerly awaited for its glimpse into the design trends and technologies that will be among the highlights for the coming year. The 2018 show was no exception and Homedit found lots of great new products and designs to make your home more stylish and comfortable — from small maker pieces to innovative releases from major brands. Here are 24 of our favorite finds and fun things from IDS 2018.

Annually, some amazing creative minds come up with a though-provoking and artistic installation. The 2018 exhibit “How Bright is Our Future” was made up of tree-like fixtures that were printed with a tactile surface that responded to touch, transmitting the results to the screen in the front. Rather than trees, we felt like these had an anthropomorphic if not alien aura to them. Either way, it was a very artistic treatment of AI, humans and our feelings about the future.


Repurposing and recycling remains a strong trend and these wine storage cases by Boites de la Paix. The company scours the North American continent for authentic US army ammunition boxes from the 1960’s and 1970’s which they convert into these stunning storage and display boxes. At IDS, they also launched the wall bar version, shown here on the left. A limited number of the ammunition boxes remain, so the resulting wine containers are also limited in number. Regardless, it is a wonderful preservation of history as they all bear some mark of their history, such as location manufacturing age. Sadly, before this “rescue mission” the boxes were regularly scrapped and destroyed.